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Our workplace safety program was designed and implemented by management to create a safety first culture. Compliance with and knowledge of our safety program is a condition of employment with Melrose Construction. Our superintendents understand that safety is at the core of everything we do. We BUILD a culture of SAFETY!


At Melrose Construction, we take the safety of our employees and that of others working around us very seriously, which is why our policy is to provide our employees with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision.

•  Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Program - Maintained and

continually updated to optimize our safety policies and procedures.

•  Our workplace safety program includes pre-employment screening, pre-job training evaluations and written policies and procedures.

•  First Aid and CPR, working at height, WHMIS, Health & Safety Awareness Certified: All foremen and workers are required to be certified.

•  Continual Job Safety Inspections: To ensure safety procedures are implemented and rigorously followed.

•    Personal Protective Equipment: Worn by all employees.

•   Jobs are reviewed prior to start: To identify all safety procedures unique to that job.

•   Project-specific Safety Packet: Developed for each project.

•  Regular Formal Foremen Meetings: Conducted by Project Managers to review and reinforce safety policies and procedures and to conduct training for new or updated practices.

•   Weekly Mandatory Job Site Tool Box Safety Meetings: Safety policies are constantly reviewed and reinforced with employees on a weekly basis.

•   All our employees adhere to the occupational health and safety act, and will take disciplinary action against those employees that do not.

Melrose Construction LTD. Safety programs
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